The balances page will display the following balances, depending on whether your account processes Payins, Payouts or both:

Balance name

Merchant type

Balance description

Available Balance / Available for withdrawals


Displays the balance available for withdrawals & refunds. This includes all cleared transactions that have passed the settlement period.

In transit to your bank


Displays the funds requested for withdrawal that are currently being transferred to your bank account.

Payouts in transit


Displays the payout instructions currently being processed which have not been yet deducted from your current / total balance.

Available for payouts


Displays the available balance for new payouts instructions.

Current balance

Payins & Payouts

Displays the current balance of all cleared payins & payouts transactions.

Settlement detail view

Main information about the money withdrawal is listed at the top for a quick review (Status, Creation Date and Bank Name).

Below you will find all withdrawal and bank details.

  • Withdrawal Id: Id linked to the settlement/withdrawal.

  • Type: manual or automated (scroll down for for details).

  • Transactions: shows the list of original payments linked to this settlement.

  • Transferred amount: amount transferred to the merchant’s account.

  • Fee: costs associated to the transfer.

  • Bank Details: lists the information about the merchant’s bank where the funds were transferred.

Manual withdrawal request

To start a manual request click on the Request withdrawal button.

Then complete the manual withdrawal request with request input:

  • Amount requested: amount to be transferred to your bank account will be displayed.

  • Withdraw to: select the Bank account.

  • Comments: add any relevant information or clarification.

For automated withdrawals: Please see the “General settings: configure automated withdrawals” section in this manual.