Withdrawals listing

In this list you will find all the Withdrawals with their corresponding status (completed, pending or cancelled). And a link to the detailed view.
In the detail view you will find the main information about the money withdrawal, listed at the top for a quick review (Status, Creation Date and Bank Name).
Below you will find all withdrawal and bank details:
  • Withdrawal Id: Id linked to the settlement/withdrawal.
  • Type: manual or automated (scroll down for for details).
  • Transactions: shows the list of original payments linked to this settlement.
  • Transferred amount: amount transferred to the merchant’s account.
  • Fee: costs associated to the transfer.
  • Bank Details: lists the information about the merchant’s bank where the funds were transferred.

Manual withdrawal request

To start a manual request click on the Request withdrawal button.
Then complete the manual withdrawal request with request input:
  • Amount requested: amount to be transferred to your bank account will be displayed.
  • Withdraw to: select the Bank account.
  • Comments: add any relevant information or clarification.
For automated withdrawals: Please see the “General settings: configure automated withdrawals” section in this manual.
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Withdrawals listing
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