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Cleared transactions
This report displays all completed transactions which affect your balance by crediting or debiting money. The Cleared transactions report has three main sections:
1.Volume summary 2.Cleared transaction list 3. Details view

Volume summary

At the top of the cleared transactions page you will find the volume summary which includes: gross volume, fees and net volume for all the cleared transactions listed on the selected time span.
Gross volume: the sum of all cleared transactions amounts. This sum will be either on local amount or USD, in accordance with your currency configuration. Fees: the amount of money to be deducted. Net volume: calculated by deducting fees from the gross value, over the specified period of time.

Cleared transactions list

On the cleared transactions list you will find the 'type' column where you can easily identify what kind of transaction each one is.
These are the available transaction types:
  • Capture: a payin made with the 'capture' operation.
  • Payment: a payin made with the 'sale' operation.
  • Refund: a refunded payin.
  • Cash out debit note: for each completed payout a cash out debit note is created. Please note that only when the cash out debit note is created the balance is affected.
  • Credit note: money credited to your account that loads your balance.
  • Credit note payout return: money credited to your account in return of a payout that wasn't successfully processed or rejected.
  • Debit notes: money that is debited from your account balance.
  • Chargeback: amount of money returned to the customer if a chargeback dispute is completed.

Details view overview

By clicking on the Reference link you'll get access to a detailed view of the cleared transaction.
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