Main listing

Current refund status: Status will be Pending, Success, Rejected or Cancelled.
Reference: You will see dLocal’s refund id. Click on the reference to expand the details view.
External id: You will see Merchant's refund id.

Detail view

Main information: Important information about the refund is listed at the top for a quick review.
You will also find Refund Details:
    Status: code and details.
    Reference: Refund id on dLocal side.
    Invoice: Refund id on your side.
    Description: Description field passed by in the request.
    Fee amount: dLocal's fee in collection and balance currency.
And Related transactions: Easy navigation to the original payment linked to the shown refund.

Refunds status options

    Success: The refund has been paid.
    Pending: The refund has been issued but the recipient hasn’t received the funds yet.
    Rejected: The refund was rejected. Look at for more details regarding the rejection code.
    Cancelled: The refund was cancelled by you (the merchant).

Issue a refund

Apply Refund button: Payments enabled for a refund will display the 'Apply refund' button, located in the detail view of the transaction.
Refund form: the 'Apply refund' button opens the refund modal which you can use to input refund amount, associate a refund id and a description. If no amount is input, original payment amount is refunded.
Manual refund: In cases where a transaction cannot be directly refunded, a manual refund option will be presented. To process a refund you must provide the required fields in the beneficiary’s bank details and personal details forms so that we may process the refund.
It is also possible to request dLocal to ask the user for his/her bank details, by selecting this option in the bank details field.
Last modified 5mo ago