Payouts list

Main listing

  • Current status: current payout status.

  • dLocal reference no.

  • Invoice: the reference id for the payout.

  • Creation timestamp.

  • Amount to be processed: the amount to be processed in the batch file.

  • Country: the country where the payout will be processed.

  • Bank: the bank where the payout was received.

  • Last status update: timestamp of the last status update.

  • Single payout button: click this button to create a new single payout.

Detail view

Important information: all key information about the payout is listed at the top for a quick review.

  • Reference: payment id on dLocal side.

  • Invoice: payment id on your side.

  • Status code : see payouts status detail below.

  • Last status date: date when it changed to its current status.

  • Purpose: list of possible Payout purposes.

  • Requested amount: amount you want to transfer.

  • Amount to pay: amount received by the user in local currency.

  • Debit : total debited to you.

  • Processing fee: charge included in the amount debited.

  • Bank: recipient’s bank name.

  • Account: recipient’s bank account number.

  • Branch: recipient’s bank branch identifier.

  • Taxes: listed if applicable.

Payout status detail

  • Completed: the payout was completed and confirmed by the user's bank.

  • Pending: the payout was received by dLocal and will be processed in the next cut-off.

  • Rejected: the payout was rejected by the bank.

  • Cancelled: the payout was cancelled by the Merchant Dashboard's active user.

  • Delivered: the payout was delivered to the bank and is being processed by it.

  • On hold: the payout is on hold by you (the merchant) or awaiting for further legal information to be processed.