Creating Payouts

Creating Payouts from the dashboard is easy and flexible. There are two main options for this, depending on whether you would like to create Payouts individually (Single Payout) or all together within a single operation (Batch Payout).

Create a Single Payout

The Single Payout form can be accessed from within any of the list views in the Payouts tab, by clicking on the '+Single Payout' button.

You will then need to select a destination country, which will determine the fields you will need to fill in to ensure the payout is correctly made.

Create single payouts form - after country selection

In this full view, the fields marked with a red asterisk are required for processing payouts in the chosen country. The other fields can still be used to provide additional information about the payment that may be helpful in ensuring the payment is correctly received.

Required fields for Country: Argentina

Create Batch Payouts

Payouts can also be created in a batch process that involves uploading a CSV input file with the required fields. This upload can be started by clicking on the '+Batch Payout' button and then choosing a destination country for the payout.

This will then display the list of required fields for the uploaded file:

Batch payouts upload form